This is my second soundstorm amp. My first was a four channel version (F4.1200) from this family of amps that I installed in my Ford F-150. The four channel version has been outstanding so I figured I would stick with what works and install this in my 1990 mazda miata. I was not disappointed. This amp works very well, I have it positioned in my trunk next to the battery, it drives my TS-1304C pioneer components in my doors. Having an amplified car stereo is a must, the quality of sound at any volume level is vastly improved with approximately 120 watts per channel provided to the TS-1304C’s. I did have to run my speaker wires up from my trunk under the sill panels and out into my doors through the weather boot, which was a bit of a drag but worth it.One tip, I purchased 6 gage power and ground wire (and connections), 14 gage speaker wire, a fuse holder and fuses, a remote on/off signal wire and the RCA cables required to hook this amp up for about the same price as a quality amp kit found here on amazon. When I first saw the kits online I balked at the 80 dollar price tag, well purchasing all of this separately and driving from home depot, to best buy, to radioshack, to advance auto (and taking the time to do so) I spent about the same amount and I could have had it delivered to my doorstep. The only advantage I see is that I was able to lay my hands on everything and control exactly what gage wire and components I was going to use. Overall I was suprised that I spent more on the stuff to hook this amp up than the amp itself! (on a side note, my local audio installer shop had one for about the same price as well…that was my first stop and I incorrectly assumed I could do better getting it all separate).Overall, very pleased with this product and the overall performance of my system…..thinking about getting another one of these to drive a subwoofer now! here’s the link to there website: […]