I bought it because it’s a cheap way from the power acoustic… It does multiply source rca voltage input to amp by, 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10 volts… in result adding a different lower octave and multiplying wattage… will burn subs and amps even on 8 and 16 ohm…Name brand or not!!! Also a fair bit of distortion from aftermarket headunits, or hi/low converters… 4 stars because if you set it up right on a crossover and use single 40-70hz notes, you can make between 10-50hz at a much greater wattage for short bursts…. 1, RE Mt 15″ slaved on 2, power acoustic 6,000w demon mono block 1 ohm stable amps141db off, 149db on, at(38hz…..) lovin’ it. worth the buy… BE careful!!!