Have had 2 sets of these installed for about 10 days now. Big improvement over the paper cone OEM speakers that came with my vehicle. Tweeters are directional a few degrees in all directions with included install brackets/rings. Sounds seems well balanced for this price point and product seems decently made. Due to this products efficiency rating of 92dB (@ 1 Watt/1 Meter), high volume is easily acheived using just the built-in amps in my head unit with out distortion.

Packaging: typical speaker package, all the needed hardware and accessories included to complete the install. Grills, crossover, two types of tweeter mounts (flush or surface), pre-installed wire (18 gauge wire), brackets, screws, etc.

Crossover: is compact, pre-wired, and pre-labeled for mid and high drivers, comes with double stick tape/foam to mount to most surfaces. I have the crossovers stuck to the inside wall of my front and rear doors with no power window clearance issues. Just watch what direction you run your wires inside to door to prevent snags or hang ups on the window. Once I got my wires positioned to run to the mid-bass and tweeter and tested it by lowering the power windows I used tape to hold the wires and secure it in place.

Mid-bass driver: sturdy construction optional grills, not much more to say about it.

Tweeter: two install options, mounting ring a little tricky to snap in place, but once you get one done it’s easy to duplicate the process to the others. Try not to press on the center of the tweeter grill when taking the mount rings on or off, could dent in. I personally didn’t dent in the grill, and applied a reasonable amount of force with my thumbs, but in retrospect I should have pressed more to the edges….