This unit was set-up so that the speaker level inputs and the low-pass crossover were used to power a dual 6.5 inch subwoofer cabinet in the trunk of my car. Although it may not be capable of competition sound levels, it works very well for those of us that listen to music.

It is only a stereo amp however, as it seems it is not compatible with bridge adapters. In a different application, I attempted to use a bridge adapter to operate the amp in what would effectively be bridged mode (with the two channels 180 out of phase) but the amp started to heat up when the two negative speaker outputs were tied together. The heating occurred even before an input signal was applied. The o-scope showed that each channel was only operating during half the sinewave with the other polarity being clipped off. One channel had the positive lobe clipped while the other had the negative lobe clipped. Perhaps it could work in a different wiring scheme, but the easier solution for me was to swap the speaker out for one with a dual voice coil.