This is a decent 1500w single channel amplofier intended for powering a subwoofer or subwoofers down to a 2 ohm load. It’s fairly large and remarkably similar to another amplifier I have been using, the Boss AR1500M. All the inputs and outputs are exactly the same (although this EV1500M is a bit larger in size) and if I had to guess, I would say they are made by the same company. I just thought I would mention that.

The amp is quite full featured for the price. MOSFET amplifiers, external subwoofer control knob, low pass crossover, all the normal stuff you would expect is there.

I have somewhat of a weird configuration where I am pushing 2 8" Rockford Fosgate 2 ohm dual voice coil subs in the doors of my car. It’s a mid engine car with limited space and the subs are fine for my needs. Because of the dual voice coils, I am able to wire it to a 2 ohm total load and it works fine. However, I realize most people will just use one single 4 ohm sub in an enclosure and that will actually sound a lot louder than what I have if you have a nice speaker and the right size enclosure.

I read some complaints about this amp cutting out or not sounding good but that is usually due to using power and ground cables that are too small. 8 or even 12 gauge is fine; some people try to connect their amp into an existing 12v constant using 18 gauge wire and that’s not going to give good results. It’s worth it to run a cable directly to the battery with a fuse. Also keep the ground as short as possible and connect it to bare metal on the car’s body. I know this is outside the scope of this review but with a decent install, even a cheap amp like this will produce fairly decent results that will be impressive for how much it cost….