While this product isn’t going to be the best stereo out there it is really good. Here are my quick pros and cons after a month.Pros: Inexpensive, built in 200w amp, starts up with the car, illuminated, remote, usb/sd audio, bluetooth(it also has a mic and call/end call buttons). 4 channel analog outputs. Excellent sounding radio and sd audio, with mediocre quality bluetooth, pretty loud.Cons: For whatever reason after the first power up and quick setup when you push the knob you cant re adjust bass and treble unless you remove the stereo completely and re set it up, aux sounds absolutely awful, have to wire up your own connecter harness(I’ve lots of experience soldering so no big deal), lastly the smaller buttons are a bit loose but not too bad.Overall its a good stereo just don’t expect to use aux audio, and make sure when you first turn it on you turn up the bass and treb mine are at like +2 +1, other settings like bal and fade can be edited. Oh and make sure you have loud on and dx and your region set(ie USA or Euro).