I am impressed with this little guy! I honestly didn’t have too high of hopes, based on the price and some negative reviews, but I was quite pleasantly surprised.

First, let’s talk about its performance. This thing puts out an incredible amount of bass, in spite of its small package. Way more bass, in fact, than I need; I had to turn the gain and bass boost down. I wasn’t looking for something to boom my way through the ‘hood, just needed some bass to round out my system. This fit the bill perfectly; no more ‘hollow’ stereo sound! I’ve only had it in for a day, so I’m still tweaking the settings. I expect that it’ll be even better once I find the sweet spot.

Next, aesthetics, size, and functionality. I bought this for me Wrangler TJ (which I’m doing a full restore on), so size was super important. For those of you who have Jeeps, you know there isn’t much extra room inside. **Note to TJ owners: this does not fit under either of the front seats (on mine, at least). That is where I planned to put it, but no such luck.*** I ended up putting it under the rear seat, and it fits quite nicely; you can’t even see it (which is good for theft deterrent). I needed to keep it hidden because I have a soft top, but if that isn’t a concern for you, don’t fear; this is a sharp looking unit. If you mounted it somewhere visible, it definitely won’t be an eye sore. Hooking it up was simple and straight forward. You will need your own power, ground, RCA, and speaker wires, though. It does come with two options for mounting: Velcro (which is what I used), and brackets; what you use will depend on where you put it.

Overall, this was a great purchase. I was considering getting two units, because I didn’t think an 8 inch would have enough umph, but it certainly does. I would have wasted my money if I’d have purchased a second one; it just isn’t needed.

Obviously, I can’t attest to its durability or longevity yet, so I’ll update if it craps out on me.