It’s been about one month since I installed this under the passenger seat of my 2010 Ford Focus coupe (was initially a bit worried about passenger side rear seat foot space, but I have since removed my rear seats entirely, so this is no longer an issue).

First, the hardware:

– You need 6Ga or smaller wire. The 1/0 install kit I accidentally purchased was much too large – the 4ga kit i intended on would also have been too large.
– One side gets significantly hotter than the other (along the heat fins). In the main product picture, this would be the left side. I’m sure the negative reviews of protection mode are due to a lack of proper cooling/airflow along the fins. Luckily in its current location I can a.) safely reach over and feel how hot it’s getting and b.) blast AC air right along it if I feel it’s necessary.
– The other reviewers weren’t kidding about how bright the remote’s blue LED is. I installed it in my glove box. Strongly suggest black masking/gaffers tape or black nail polish or SOMETHING to mitigate the light. I’m still liking the glove box install 6mo later. Surprises/blinds me and anyone going into my glove box on occasion however. Do not put this light anywhere aimed at the driver without blocking/dimming the light.

Second, the sound:

My stock speakers are OK, especially with the mids and trebles. Surprisingly good for stock speakers I would say. However, in order to crank out the amount of bass I like, they took a hit to the overall quality of the rest of the music, while not providing enough bass.

With this sub installed, I can give my speakers an easier time, and get the lower end I was looking for….