When I installed it in my car it looked very familiar, the screen layout and design looks like my Boss stereo in my other car. I found out this is another brand from Boss but they didn’t really do much to change the look of it to make it look different. Aftermarket head units have not really kept up with the times and have kind of stayed in one place for around 5 years now, this stereo is no exception but at the same time this unit doesn’t cost that much so I guess I expect too much. So for the price it’s alright you do have all of the features you need for a low price and this is good for a car that isn’t up with the times and gives you a lot of bang for the buck.
• CD/DVD player
• Accepts SD cards, USB and Aux hookups
• Rear view camera (my favorite option)
• Bluetooth phone hookup with integrated mic
• Bluetooth audio streaming
• Low, high and sub outputs
It’s nice for what it is but for a little more Pioneer sells a stereo that is made exclusively for ipods, it also has screen mirroring for your phone and an optional map attachment. Pioneer has been doing car stereos forever so I would look into that before buying this one.