It only has about 46 volts rms, so around 2100 watts max at 1 ohm. But it’s not one ohm stable, so at 2 ohms it’s only like 1000 watts. I have it driving two 15’s at 4 ohms total, so I’m only getting about 500 watts to my speakers(250 each). I’ve had it for about two years now and it’s preformed great for me so far, given that I only have it pushing half it’s max wattage. My speakers are those cheap boss 15’s you can get for like $60, so I’m running them at a lower wattage on purpose since this amp and the speakers are cheapos and I don’t want to push them to their limits. The bass control knob is great since you don’t have to change any settings on your head unit to turn down the bass. For 100 bucks, this amp will thump people.