Put these speakers in today and love them so far! The sound quality is a huge upgrade from the stock speakers in my 98 Saturn.
That being said there are a few drawbacks to buying these speakers:

1) The installation instructions which are included are composed of two illustrated pictures showing which mounting brackets to use for the flush and suface mount options for the tweeters. Other than that it’s up to you to figure out how to actually change the plastic tweeter housings between flush and surface or how to use the mounting clips the screws fit in for holding the Midwoofers in place.

2) Speaking of the mounting clips they are cheap and hard to use even once you’ve figured them out; as are the mounting brackets for holding the tweeters in place in a flush mount setup.

3) The output wires on the supplied crossover are pretty short, especially the tweeter wires. So I was forced to use the suppplied sticky tape to mount the crossover halfway up inside the door frame instead of being able to tuck it away at the bottom of the door.

Issues 1 and 2 combined to make the installation process a much harder and longer chore than it needed to be.
But even with the shortcomings in the included periperhals I still give these speakers five stars as once I finally got them installed they sounded truly amazing considering how little they cost.