I paid 19.00 for mine new thru Amazon. Been testing this all day with just one speaker hooked up. I am very surprised all around with this. Perfect for my grocery getter beater car and might get more for other beaters of mine. No more cd’s no more listening to the ONE good station that comes in clearly around here. I got thumb drive SD card and AUX 3.5mm input plug abilities all I need or want. (note this model has been changed from the one I got as you can see from my pictures and video) And the spectrum dancing lights are a riot and they do react to the sound level output a little but its slow and not accurate in any way. There are little icons on the peeks like the Statue of Liberty showing a N.Y.C theme it has going on. Its fast reacting when changing songs and from what I hear with that one speaker it sounds really good… so far.
The key reason I bought this is the 4 RCA pre outs. If it dies in under a year I won’t be shocked and wish I gave it 4 stars but over a year its five again. If the video I submitted shows up the crackle in the sound is the camera. I was going for showing the song title text scrolling.