First off shipping was amazing! i ordered it monday night like 1 am so tuesday morning, i recieved on my door thursday morning. i didnt even pay shipping. it qualified for super saver shipping. i bought the sub because im upgradeing my amp in a week and wanted a cheap sub that i could throw some watts at without blowing it up too fast. Im switching from 500rms on a JL w3v3 12inch with 2.0cuft box to a 1300rms amp and this ssl 12inch. i hooked it up 500rms so i can break it in before the big amp. i switched this sub with a JL w3v3 and let me tell you this sub sounds pretty damn close but the price is way diff. $180 on amazone for JL audio 12inch-$50 for the ssl slr12d. the construction is not as nice as the jl brand. the plastic cover over the cone is cheaply hot glued on and the stiching is a little sloopy. i havent played the subs really loud for long yet but i turned it up for a second and right before the head unit maxed out the amp cut out!.”but sounded amazing”. this has never happened before so im guessing this sub like alot of wattage behind it. sounds pretty damn good so far for $50. guess we will see when it breaks in and i throw 1300rms its way. if you dont have money for name brand but still want sound quality i recomend these subs. 1 12″ sounds better then my friends two MTX 12″ terminators by a long shot. so far so good