This Amp/Sub combo fit my needs perfectly to upgrade the factory system in my 2011 KIA Sportage. I was a bit concerned about the quality of lows a unit this size could deliver, but man! I am very satisfied with my decisions to go with the SSL LOPRO8. I had very limited space to work with as I am not willing to give up the cargo/trunk area for a sub enclosure; been there done that. Far gone are the days of announcing my arrival to the party from 3 blocks away. Fortunately the Sportage has a storage compartment between the spare tire compartment and the bed of the cargo space, separated with a ridged Styrofoam shelf. I hoped to utilized the factory Styrofoam form to house a shallow mount sub, and instead of using my old Crunch 1000 watt bridgeable amp connected to a sub, this all-in-one unit works GREAT! After initial installation tuning the amp/sub was necessary to find the sweet spot in acoustical balance with the factory system components. After about two hours of tuning and putting the unit to the test by pumping multiple musical genres (Metal/Rock, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Classical and Country) through her, the unit went into protection mode. I’d hoped that the unit would run cool enough by itself to avoid a shut down but I also knew that the Styrofoam storage shelf is a perfect insulator and has virtually no air flow….