Listen , I’m still in my break in stage . I ordered two of these which came in yesterday . Right now I have only about 2 hours of low end runtime to break them in . And they hit hard .

Normally I wouldn’t buy a brand I never heard of , but 2 years ago I was given the older model of these subs . Which worked great . They slammed . But burned up due to improper wiring / faulty terminals on the speaker .

The new speakers , I was pretty upset to find the same issue ALREADY . One of the post terminals on the speaker is cracked . (FRESH OUT OF THE BOX )

Which was an issue I had with the old set . I figured maybe it would be been updated ..

Anyhow, for as cheap as they are. Mine are wired together on a 2-ohm setup to a 4000watt class d lanzar amp . And they POUND . Still haven’t pushed them yet ..