This capacitor works as I expected. I’m not about to even consider seeing my lights flickering, even without a capacitor. I bought a second one of these caps because I’m about to add a third SSL 4000 Watt Class D Monoblock amp, and already have a 1600 watt Class A/B 4 Channel for my Infinity’s. This cap simply bumps the amperage when the song bumps…sending the signal to the amp and then draining your amp draw…so it only makes sense to give the system some oomph when it’s needed to make up for the system surges at heavy hitting amperage. I also have 2- 900CCA Deep Cycle batteries in addition to the truck’s main battery which is rated at 150 amps over the factory specs and an upgraded alternator…from 95 amps total output, to 135 amps output. My truck thumps like nobody’s business and I never see a flicker…even with A/C and headlights on.