I bought this amp for my son for his birthday. It’s hooked up to an ok Alpine deck, Alpine 4 20W door speakers and a 10" Kicker sub (pretty small capacity for this huge 2900 W beast). It was my first install on an amp too- and thanks to YouTube it went together very well. The amp is way over power for what I needed here, but it sounds great! I tuned it a bit conservatively because I thought the speakers wouldn’t take it. I ran heavy gauge wire to the deck speaker inputs, but left the OEM speaker wires going to the doors. I played it for about two hours while I tuned and finished intalling the trim and it didn’t even get warm. To tune it, I put on some rap rock, country, Kenny G and everything sounded terriffic. The system simply sounds awesome. It exceeded my expectations. I took my son for a test and HE didn’t even want to crank it all the way up. The only thing I would caution other buyers about, is the physical size of this amp. It’s huge. Look at the spec’s and be sure you can fit it where you want it.