Overall, I don’t think you can get a better electronic crossover for less than twice what amazon charges for this. I am only using it to tune by auto subwoofers since my amps don’t allow for enough control. I can’t say if this is clean enough for the high-level channels of a hi-fi system, but it handles bass cleanly. I wanted variable frequency and amplitude low frequency boost combined with an adjustable 12db crossover. Add in stereo/mono switching, multiple source control, plus phase selection and you have an ideal recipe for tuning your subs. I disassembled the unit and am quite pleased with the circuit board quality. The unit’s power draw is less than 2 amps, so I can run it off my remote power amp relay and don’t need to run a separate power wire. However, there is much room for improvement in the build quality of the case and switches. I would like to see the next model feature a more rugged body, flush mounted dials (so they can’t get broken by stuff in the trunk), and perhaps some flexible mounting options. Oh, and I wish this thing was about 1/3 smaller.

-Clean power
-Great features
-Decent build quality for the $$$
-Soft power control
-Very inexpensive
-It’s pretty big
-Dials are not flush mounted (unprotected)
-Kinda flimsy shell
-Flashing chrome logo on shell