I installed these after one of the Rockford Fosgate “Prime” 6.5″ speakers I installed in my Subaru a month ago blew out.Not gonna lie, they look really cheap and have a big “made in China” stamped on each end of the box…I already have a decent sub, I’ve mostly been after some speakers that have nice clear highs.. Like really good highs.. enough to make your ears bleed. I had some Pioneer “Premium / Elite / Whatever” in my last Subaru that had incredible highs but those were $120 speakers.Anyway, I installed these last night and all I can say is “wow”. Even with the subwoofer off these have decent lows (as good as you’ll get from a 6.5″ speaker” but the midrange and highs are incredible! I wasn’t really sold on those Rockfords as they always sounded dull / flat.. but these being a cheaper speaker sound amazing!! Paired with the Rockford 10″ “Prime” 2-Ohm subwoofer in the back it’s a really awesome system now.There are times when I say spend a little extra and get something better… but in this case if you’re going to run these of a stock amp (or in my case a JVC Touchscreen head unit) you can’t go wrong. The majority of nicer speakers need amps to really bring them to life.. These sound much better than the Rockfords I had and they are half the price. They really are very clear and have a good range of audio… I’m pretty picky too so for me to give some cheap “Sound Storm” speakers a 5 star is saying something.If you’re on a budget… get these. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.