I am giving this 5 stars because I did my research and knew what I wanted and what to expect for a 20$ radio and this radio does everything I wanted it to. It’s purpose was to replace a very old CD player in a Jeep. My Jeep is a snow day driver and when I need a truck-like vehicle, NOT my daily driver. My goals were to get something cheap that would play from a USB stick and above all wouldn’t skip. Does it have oddities and limitations? Yes! But it was 20$ Pro’s: plays USB/SD/AUX/FM doesn’t skip and has decent sound and has a remote control Cons: Remote seems cheap even though the radio doesn’t. You can’t quickly scan thru folders on a USB stick, you must press folder forward one folder at a time. No Sub-folder support. It sorts your folders strangely. The face lights are too bright, though you can turn off the button illumination which helps, the display lights are still too bright. there is noise when changing tracks/folders. For 20$ and in a secondary vehicle I would buy another one. This radio did the job perfectly.