LOVE IT!!!!! changes different colors or can adjust to just one how ever one wants. I’m that type of person that doesn’t like to read the instructions and just do it myself and let me just say it was easy to install and to put as I want. The thing that I love the most is that its very cheap and it has so many abilities, like when my baby is sleeping I can put the sound all to the front that way it wont disturb him all just real simple on the screen. Also like that I can put movies for him like when we have to wait in the car he just sits there entertained. The Bluetooth is very helpful as well I don’t have to get my phone out when driving I can get my calls and listen to music and hear my navigation and get all that done by just the stereo. I really recommend this product to many not only for my reasons but for all the other reasons … also might end up getting one for my sister for Christmas since she really wants mine. lol