I like making fun small projects an was needing some speakers an I like dirt cheap but qualtity a big factor too. After endless scrolling found these an couldn’t have not made better choice. Its a good heavy magnet think its 40oz off top my head and it will blast and has decent bass an mids an even at high power it distorts slightly. Trust me I like loud thumpy music wether rock country or rap it handles good amount of punishment. One will be loud enough to fill a 15ft x 20ft room. Im big on details

I recommend a good solid box I have it installed in a 12 X 8 X 8 internally box with inch an half port

BUT while testing its limits in my box I was thumping good amount when I heard buzzing crackling noise. It fried

I had my Amp set to full an not high HP to test its limits. These are not intended for full but I bang the living sh#t out of just one an it was amazing how good it held up. Great blue-ish
Green so I guess aqua but still look awesome
In picture is my Punisher boom box

hope I help you guys out with enough details