Im going to compare this amp to the one it replaced. My kicker 750.1 class d monoblock amplifier which was very comprable to this one in power but very different in sound.

These comparisons are relitive to the other amp on a 15 inch alpine type r in a ported box

-This amp $130
-2700 watt peak 1200 rms (advertised)
-Much higher pitched and extremely acurate sounds. sounds much more natural. If it is turned up i can really feel the vibration n my throat. It was described as sounding like more rich white kid sound than the kicker.
-noisy cooling system fan..
-the power input barley fits my 4 guage wire
-Tuns of knobs to change the sound and what not. Can make it sound like high pitched crap to wonderfull.
-good on hip hop, great on techno and sinth, amazing on rock.

-The kicker cost me $499 years agg. they are about 350 now
-2500 watt peak 800 rms (advertised) but it was more like 1000 watt rms
-Deep and slow to hit with slow pulsing bass that made me feel pressure in my cheast. Described to me as sounding much more ethnic…
-Silent operation
-the power input can easily hold my 4 guage wire
-Fantastic on hiphop, absolute crap on rock and ok on techno.

For the price this is the most amazing piece of sterio equitment ever. the power is sent to the frequncies that you can actually hear so it sounds much more loud than the more expencive kicker amp which was much more deep.