Saw these and was a bit skeptical due to the price. I found out that you can actually pay a lot less(dont get sucked into top competing brands) and still get the bang for your buck. I built a box ran these at 450RMS 2 ohms on a D Class 2500 WATT AMP, and they kick like a Donkey!!! The AMP has a fail safe which times out instead of overpowering or overheating and failing. Most of my buddies thought i was pushing Kenwood Excelons(which i totally prefer) and were very impressed with the SSL SLR12D. I would buy them again and highly recommend them to anyone in the market for great quality subs and a great price!!. If you are doing Car Audio Competition at a top level, then these may not work for you. If you are looking for good quality sound??… go get you some, hook them right, and you see what im talking about!!! You will not be disappointed.D3