I’ve had many Subwoofer systems in my vehicles in the past, but I have never had my door speakers powered by anything besides the headunits in my vehicle. I have a Pioneer FH-X700BT which puts out 14 RMS x 4 at 4 ohms. The Kenwood 6×8’s in my doors are capable of handling 240 max, and 80 RMS, so I decided that it was time for an upgrade. I also have a 2000.1 EVO Amp for my Subwoofer (Pioneer Champion Series Pro 10")

I install everything on my own (18, college student, If I can do it so can you), and learning how to install multiple amplifiers an interesting challenge, but one I found to be well worth the effort. I chose the SSL EVO1000.2 because I was purchasing two amplifiers at once, and wanted two of the same series so they would match. I have to be honest that for the price I was not expecting the world, and I will tell you now that I did not get it.

Appearance, 5 Stars, definitely a good looking amplifier. With a brushed metal finish, you really can’t go wrong here.

Sound Quality, 4 Stars, This was the thing that I was most worried about, was it even going to sound better than my headunit? I can tell you with a smile in my face and a ringing in my ears that yes, it does sound better with an external amplifier on your components. I hear screaming highs and mid-bass that was often before drowned out by the drumming of the subwoofer. However with an amplifier like this, don’t expect to throw that volume knob all the way to the right because this thing will distort like crazy at 95%+ volume levels.

Heat, 3 Stars, this thing gets hot! After an hour of play at 85% volume, this thing is hot to the touch. I have it running @ 2 ohms, which it’s rated for….