Ok i had this for a few months now,i drive for a living so i pound this thing for hours,about 6 hours without stopping,and i probly lost some hearing,i have a pioneer head unit,and 2, 12 inch sony explode woofers,this thing pounds,and i’m not even maxing it out,the bass boost knob only works in low pass,i like it because going from cd to tuner has a big bass difference and i dont have to mess with the head unit,a quick turn on the bass knob is all it takes,it barely gets hot at all even after hours,if you have a cheap head unit you won’t get the full potential of this amp,and i suggest good speakers,this thing can probly shred cheap speakers,my whole car vibrates and my wife said she can hear me way before i’m home, i am impressed with the quality for the price,no problems have occured yet,i say no fear with this purchase,take your time adjusting the settings once you get it right you will have a great system,my friends can’t believe how hard it hits for the price ,2👍👍up