When I first bought this unit I did so because I wanted to play music from my phone via an auxiliary cord to my beat up 2000 Volvo S70. It was $18 so I didn’t really expect much. I then started reading all these negative reviews and started tripping out that I just wasted my hard earned $18… I then receive the head unit in the mail and pick up the box and think, "There is no way a head unit is in this box, it weighs nothing." I take it out, and sure enough, it feels like a plastic kids toy and can’t possibly power any speakers.

I then get my Volvo radio harness, Metra 70-9220 Radio Wiring Harness for Volvo 93-08 Power/4 Speaker and dash kit Metra 88-00-9000 Pocket Radio Installation Kit For Select 1982-2004 Ford/Mazda/Nissan/Toyota/Volvo Vehicles for a total cost of $39 and get to work… I think it took maybe 12 or 13 minutes to take out my factory deck and install this one with the dash kit. If you’ve ever crimped a wire before then you should be fine with this install.

I turn it on, it lights up, I hook up my phone… And then I start bumping. No j/k, it doesn’t exactly "bump" but it does play music, and pretty loud. It just sounds really flat, which honestly isn’t a problem in a beat up car with a bad system. I’m totally satisfied with my purchase. I’ll probably buy more of these for every crap vehicle I get. Do not fear, definitely worth the $20.

6 Month + Edit: So it’s been over 6 months and this deck is still kicking and doing great with daily use. This was a fantastic purchase. 5 Stars for sure.