As the description says, this is a Bluetooth speaker system meant for outdoor vehicles– ATVs, snowmobiles, tailgating, boats, etc. It requires power from a car battery, most frequently using the lighter adapter that’s built in. There’s no AC power connection for home outlets. It does have a standard headphone cable, though, so you can plug it into non-Bluetooth devices as well to get sound from them.

It’s loud, and it’s quite bassy. The mids are a tad on the non-existent side, though. It’s all thump and tweet. That’s probably sufficient for its intended purpose, but it is a bit disappointing for its price range.

The Boomtube has no dials, switches, levers, or controls of any kind on it. You must control volume and track navigation on the device that you connect to it. Make sure when you start up, that your volume is set to medium on the connected device! Trust me… It’s pretty loud at max.

It’s on the heavy side, and does come with some basic accessories for strapping it to your vehicle. I have not tested the "weather resistant" features, but from the construction of the thing I’d suspect it can withstand some wind, rain, and possibly even some hail. I wouldn’t submerge it in water, but I think it would survive a ride on a rainy day strapped to the back of an ATV.

All told, I’m not thrilled by the Boomtube because the poor mids and lack of onboard controls seems pretty spartan for a speaker priced over a hundred bucks. A power switch and volume control would make this much more worthwhile, and the speakers’ lack of mids marks this as something I probably wouldn’t pay over seventy-five bucks for on most days, unless I *really* needed something that was weather-resistant….