I had 2 Jensen 200watts amps that were doing a good job until I got a 8inch 2ohm sub. They couldn’t handle and be stable at that 2ohm load.A friend of mine told me some cheap models like this one can do the trick.It is a very light and it never overheated yet after a few months of use.Channel 3/4 are bridged to the 8inch 2ohm sub and pushed max gain, about 100w rms I would say on these two bridged channels.Channel 1/2 which have a high pass fixed are wired to two 6×9 inch Kicker speakers , the level is around 75% at 4 ohms and I would say each channels pushes max 40w rms at 4ohm. But for the price, the size, the weight and the 2ohm stable I would definitively buy another one.