These subs bump great in a bandpass box facing each other in a slant.i have a performance teknique mp 800 watts mysetup was parallel each side to 2 ohms to this 2 ch amp and it shaked the expedition 01 pretty good but i had to wire one side oppiste cuz the were canceling each other out after that boom.but today somerhing went wrong it wasnt loud and sounded like crap and had this weird smell went to back to check out and smpke was coming from one port and amp was in protect mode.i had these 20 dollar speakers new from frys bumping here and there with no problems but one side of the channel had no screws to hold wire down so i taped em and when i went and looked at em they were hanging out so something must have toched and burnt out speaker but i hooked back up more secure and it was still idk what really happened my wife drove that day so i think she drove fast and made amp and box slide but ill check out some more but for 20 bucks they bumped loud on 200 watts 2 ohms parallel ea worth it ill update and see if the burnt smell was my fault but for a month no problems.i wass gonna get the 80 dollar boss 2500 watt amp to push these.also the bandpass box with these fit perfect behind 3rd row on the 01 expo and everyone like wheres the bass coming from its loud.
Update 7/23/14 as good as they were after 3 weeks of bumping the cones froze and smoke came out of speakers i have been using performance teqniques 800 watts so for ea speaker 2 ohms 200 watts and it couldnt handle the stress. So now paperweights.should have got the 3 dollar ins but 40 buks aint a big loss my pyle 1000 watt blue wave worked better should have jut got another one instead of these 2 garbage so it will not last long on 200 watts parallel 2 ch.but they did sound good in a bandpass box so go with 125 rms 2 ohms should be safe